10,000+ Contractors/Suppliers, representing over 250,000 students use TAPPISAFE for safety orientations.


Contractors/Suppliers have an advantage with TAPPISAFE:

  • 170+ Safety Courses with Convenient Access
    • Courses can be accessed at any time or place with an internet connection, allowing your workforce to easily complete orientations and be ready for work when they arrive at a facility.
  • 100+ Mill Facilities Participate in TAPPISAFE
    • TAPPISAFE Basic and Site-Specific Orientations guarantee your employees approved access to more than 100 facilities worldwide.
  • Basic Orientation
    • Valid for one year, the Basic Orientation is recognized at any participating facility in the TAPPISAFE program. This reduces the redundant content because they do not take the same orientation and cover the same topics at every location. This course is an OSHA awareness-level orientation for the workforce.
  • Customized Employee Orientation
    • TAPPISAFE works with you to create customized safety course(s) for your employees that ensure they understand and comply with your unique safety policies and procedures.
  • Centralized Online Data Records Management 
    • Orientation records are updated in real-time and accessible 24/7 in the TAPPISAFE database to verify, print individual records, and generate reports instantly.
  • Reduced Exposure to Regulatory Scrutiny
    • TAPPISAFE is monitored by an Advisory Committee of representatives from facilities, contractors, suppliers and subject matter experts.
  • Bottom Line
    • TAPPISAFE reduces staff time spent managing and conducting multiple safety orientation programs, thus helping your bottom line.




"TAPPISAFE's 24/7 accessibility makes it a great streamlined safety solution for those out in the field traveling. No matter where you are, you can arrive onsite ready for entry. There is no having to register anyone. Once you have your account set up, everyone just logs in and takes the required courses."

- David L. Taplin, Northeast Flow & Density Specialist
Emerson Automation Solutions