To take TAPPISAFE courses you will need a username and password.

This will be set up by your company, who will supply the information to you. If you are not affiliated with a company then you will create your own administrator account. If your company does not have an account an administrator account will need to be set up.

If you do not know if your company has set up an account yet, please contact us.

To create a new account, follow the steps below:

  • Select “Create a New Account”
  • Fill in all the applicable information
  • Once this process has been completed you will receive two emails: the first stating that we have received your request, and another that will confirm the account has been set up (after you have received the second email, you will be ready to Take the Online Training)

Employees do NOT need to be registered for the courses. All employees will log in using the username and password for their company and their own Student Identifier (unique 9 digit number of their choosing or TAPPISAFE ID) by selecting Take the Online Training


If you need further assistance please contact us at 770-209-7213 or [email protected].