Wouldn’t it be great to have your workforce show up at your facility ready to work and with the ability to confirm they’ve taken a standardized course developed specifically for our Industry?

Well, that’s TAPPISAFE.

The TAPPISAFE program offers a variety of courses developed by safety experts from the leading manufacturing, supplier, and contractor companies in our industry. These pulp and paper safety leaders created and vetted the TAPPISAFE courses and have incorporated best practices from mills across the country. TAPPISAFE Basic is an OSHA awareness level safety orientation developed for the pulp and paper workforce that provides the foundations of safety needed in the Industry.

The TAPPISAFE Advisory and Curriculum Committees are comprised of representatives from mills, suppliers, and contractor companies. Together, they have created reliable and efficient safety courses based on best practices used in some of the largest mills in our Industry. These peer-reviewed courses provide the necessary essentials to ensure the safety of our Industry.

We’ve worked with safety leaders across the country to understand the costs mills incur when contractors arrive onsite unable to work because they haven’t gone through orientation. TAPPISAFE's mill specific courses eliminate the need to develop, schedule and administer onsite orientation. Students can access TAPPISAFE courses from any computer with internet access, take courses, and arrive at your facility ready to work!

TAPPISAFE offers a variety of customized services and programs to fit your needs:

  • Basic Orientations
  • Site-Specific Orientations
  • Process Safety Management Orientations (PSM)
  • Truck Driver Orientations
  • Escorted Visitor Orientations
  • Employee Orientations
  • 27 Safety Courses
  • GateCheck Real-Time Verification
  • Centralized, Online Data Records Management
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 TAPPISAFE Infographic