TAPPISAFE Site Specific Orientation

Site-Specific Orientation (Approximately 45 minutes*)

TAPPISAFE will work with your staff to develop or enhance your site orientation. The orientation is customized to your needs using learning techniques which includes: content, audio and pictures. We make it easy. You simply provide your existing content and TAPPISAFE develops an online site orientation that addresses the unique safety needs of your mill. We keep your content current with regular updates and there is no direct charge to the mill if TAPPISAFE is a mandated program.

  • Orientation covers unique topics for each mill
  • No duplication of content with TAPPISAFE Basic Orientation
  • Universal, real-time verification of training for all participating mills
  • Each student must pass a test to further ensuring knowledge of the content
  • Each site module is $10.00 per student.

*The length of the site orientation and time may vary. Content is determined by each participating mill.

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