How does TAPPISAFE help mills enhance their Contractor Safety Management program?

TAPPISAFE includes a standardized safety course which means the workforce benefits from receiving the same Basic Orientation By standardizing content, this helps your workforce better retain and recall critical safety information. TAPPISAFE was developed by safety experts from our industry who understand how safety works in a mill and what the workforce need to know to be safe in your mill.

The program consists of Basic Orientation that covers 19 topics and site specific orientation that covers topics unique to each mill. TAPPISAFE will develop the Site Specific orientation at no cost to the mill. The TAPPISAFE program benefits mills by:

  • Reducing your staff time administering orientation
  • Developing your SiteSpecific orientation at no charge to the mill
  • Reducing your legal exposure by maintaining a record of safety orientation
  • Providing standardized content developed by safety experts in our industry
  • Delivering orientation online so the workforce wll arrive at your mill ready to work

“TAPPISAFE could help mills better manage contractor access, verify safety compliance and help improve the overall quality of contractor safety programs for our industry. We estimate TAPPISAFE has the potential to save approximately a half person’s time working on contractor orientation, development and administration during shutdowns.”

– Sandra LeBarron, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety, Finch Paper LLC

Getting started with the TAPPISAFE program is easy. We do all the work. This includes free development of the orientation, support transitioning and communicating TAPPISAFE to your workforce and the actual rollout of the program. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Reduce Redundant Orientation

TAPPISAFE saves time because you only need to take the Basic Orientation once per year! This orientation covers 19 OSHA topics for awareness level training. Once you take the Basic Orientation, it’s valid for one year and recognized at any mill participating in the TAPPISAFE program. This reduces the amount of redundant training because you are not taking the same orientation and covering the same topics at every mill.