Frequently Asked Question for Technical Support

1. What is the purpose of TAPPISAFE?
Answer: TAPPISAFE is a standard for your contractor and supplier general safety orientation; a sure way for companies to be confident that the workforce has received the same awareness level training. TAPPISAFE is the source for reporting and real-time training records management. TAPPISAFE is delivered and administered by TAPPI.

2. How do my employees take TAPPISAFE?
Answer: Create Business Account and Login by going to and clicking on “Create New Account”. Your Business Account will be activated within 4 hours during the hours of Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 8 pm CST. Please check your Spam Box in case the response is filtered to your Spam Mail. Provide students with company's username and password and direct them to go to the TAPPISAFE website at and click on “Take Online Training”. Students will log in with your company's username and password. Employees will be prompted to enter 9 digit number (social security number) for scoring and record-keeping purposes. If the number is not found the system will student to enter first and last name to add student. Employees will select the needed TAPPISAFE courses.

3. How long will it be until I may use our company's username and password?
Answer: You will receive 2 emails; the first email will confirm we have received the request for a Business Account and the second email states that the Business Account has been granted access to the TAPPISAFE courses. If it is a weekend or holiday, it may take until the next business day (6:30 am-8:00 pm, CST). Please call 770-209-7213 if you immediate assistance.

4. How do I pay for TAPPISAFE courses?
Answer: Please pay by credit card. You may enter the credit card number each time or you may select to place a credit card on file. The credit card will be on file for the username and password ONLY. Your credit card will NOT be charged until a record has been stored in the database. This means that if a student does not finish a course, your credit card will not be charged.

5. I used a credit card to pay for the training. How do I receive a receipt?
Answer: Go to Resources/print a receipt. 

6. May my employees take TAPPISAFE courses from their homes?
Answer: Yes, but the company must provide students with the company's username and password. Please be sure your employees' computers meet the minimum specifications for taking the courses.

7. For how long is each course valid?
Answer: One year from the date of completed training.

8. What happens if a student begins the course but does not complete the course?
Answer: Courses are electronically bookmarked. If a student does not complete the course, just follow the same steps to begin the course. The course will resume at the beginning of the section where the student left off. Your credit card is NOT charged until a record has been stored. This means that if a student does not finish a course, your credit card will not be charged.

9. How do I look up records of my employees?
Answer: Go to resource/steps to access database.  

10. When will I get the TAPPISAFE badge for each employee?
Answer: We will mail out TAPPISAFE badges every business day. The badge will be sent to the address attached to the username used to deliver the course.

11. How long is each TAPPISAFE course?
Answer: The TAPPISAFE Basic Orientation course (12TSBAS) is approximately 2.5 hours. The TAPPISAFE Refresher is approximately 1.25 hours. Each mill orientation is approximately 45 minutes.

12. What is the cost of each TAPPISAFE course?
TAPPISAFE basic Orientation: $27.50
TAPPISAFE Refresher Orientation: $22.50
Site-specific Orientation: $10.00

13. The TAPPISAFE course I have selected is not opening. What do I do?
Computer Specifications:

Make sure your computers meet the following requirements:

  • Computers should be no older than 5 years with at least 512 RAM
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 8 or above (preferably 9); Google Chrome w/ Flash Player will also work.
    • When using Microsoft Windows 8 operating system; please use the Internet Explorer located in the desktop. The Internet Explorer (IE) located on the “LIVE tiles” is a modified browser (METRO-E) which will not play Adobe Flash (on most websites) and our training courses require ADOBE FLASH Active X plugin to run.
  • Flash 11 or above
  • Sound card, volume on
  • Courses will not run on Apple tablets
  • Courses will run on Apple computers
  • Courses will run on IPhone but the Puffin application must be downloaded
  • Disable Pop up blocker – Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Popup blocker
  • If on a T1 line, run on no more than 8 computers simultaneously per T1 line. (As content caches you may run additional computers and the programs will run at a greater speed)

Next enable cookies on the browser

How to Enable or disable cookies

Internet Explorer 6.0 Users
Launch Internet Explorer.
Click on the "Tools" menu option on the Menu Bar.
Select "Internet Options"
Click on the "Privacy" tab.
Click the "Advanced" button.
Select the "Override automatic cookie handling" checkbox.
First-party Cookies should be set to "Accept"
Third-party Cookies should be set to "Block"
Select the "Always allow session cookies" checkbox. 

Click "Ok"
Click "Ok" to close Internet Options.
Close Browser.
Restart Browser.

Google Chrome Users
Click the Chrome menu icon Chrome menu.
Select Settings.
Near the bottom of the page, clickShow advanced settings.
In the "Privacy" section, clickContent settings.
Enable or disable cookies:

    • To enable cookies, select Allow local data to be set (recommended).
    • To disable cookies, select Block sites from setting any data.

Click Done to save.

Security levels on browser should be set to lowest available level - Tools/Internet Options/Privacy Flash must be installed and must be version 12 or better.  Go to
Note: The course will work on iPad or MAC computers but user must install flash-enabled browser like Puffin. It is free and available via the App Store.

14. The course has started but not moving. What do I do?

  • Check the security levels on the browser
  • Close the browser and restart
  • If that doesn’t work, restart computer
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection. If you are on dial up you may want to get to a wi-fi. Also try accessing the course during non-peak times if on a T-1 line. Their company’s internet usage or speed of the connection may be affecting the performance of the course.

15. Course only displays a black box with a red X. What do I do?
Answer: Flash must be installed and must be version 12 or better.

16. Clicked on “Start Course” and not seeing the course. What do I do?

  • Disable all pop-up blockers by going to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Popup blocker


17. User cannot advance the course.  There are no continue buttons. What do I do?

  • Make sure you have audio enabled on the computer.  If audio is disabled the navigation buttons will not appear


18. Receiving a message that I do not have any companies assigned to my account. What do I do?

  • The internet account has not been completely set up yet.  Depending on when it the request was submitted you will need to wait the 4 hours during normal business hours Monday – Friday 6:30am – 8:00pm CT
  • If it has been longer than 4 hours you will need to call 877-345-1252 and let customer service research to find out what has happened to your account
  • Check with your company to make sure you have the correct username and password
  • If you need the account immediately call 770-209-7213 they will try to get assistance for you


19. Receiving an error message: Incorrect Administrator Username, Incorrect Administrator Password or Both. What do I do?


  • Make sure you are not typing the username or password incorrect. 
  • To recover the username or password, Click “login to database” on the TAPPISAFE website homepage and then click “What is my username and password?”
  • If the username and password was given to you by your employer verify with them it is correct


20. Receiving a message stating the maximum login attempts reached. What do I do?

  • You have attempted to enter the wrong login information at least five times and has locked the account.  This can be fixed by simply restarting the browser


21. Receiving a message stating your Administrator's Internet account is locked out. What do I do?

  • This can occur when the user has not used their account for 13 or more month.  You must call 877-345-1252 during normal business hours to have this account unlocked


22. Receiving a message your company's accounting number is on hold or inactive. What do I do?

  • You must call 877-345-1252 during normal business hours to have this resolved


23. Receiving a message that the billing from my company requires PO numbers. What do I do?

  • The company requires a PO number to be added into the Purchase Order Number field on the login screen
  • Click credit card and then click invoice and the Purchase Order Number field will appear

If you have any additional problems please contact Technical Support at (877) 345-1252.