Do the Math -

Estimate Your Current Safety Orientation Costs

Real World Scenario: Traditional Safety Orientation Programs
If your field staff totals 10 students, and each of these students sits through an average of 5 mill safety sessions per year, and the average time for each session is 1.5 hours, then the total traditional annual training would equal 75 man hours.

Real World Scenario: New TAPPISAFE Safety Orientation Programs
With the new TAPPISAFE Safety Orientation program, each of these students would go through ONE safety orientation session, and then would go through much smaller individual site course.

Using the same scenario as above, 10 students would go through ONE basic orientation session of approximately 2.5 hours. Then, they would take the 5 sites orientation of less than .45 hours. With the same workforce of 10 students, the annual training time would be 47.5 hours.

The new TAPPISAFE Orientation Program could represent an annual time savings of over 33% for your work force. Having the ability to access the mill orientations 24/7 you will be saving additional cost by eliminating travel time and being ready for gate entry once you arrive at the mill.